Best Smartwatches and Wearables for Galaxy Tab

Wearables technology is a category of tech devices that is worn by consumers for tracking health and fitness related information. Smartwatches on the other hand are devices that offer capabilities similar to those of a smartphone. For instance you can see notifications and surf the Internet right from your watch.

Sony Smartband Talk

So here are the best smart watches and wearables on sale today.

1. Sony Smartband Talk – you can wear Sony Smartband Talk all day without feeling any sort of discomfort. It costs around 170 dollars which is quite a bit for a tech that you are going to wear on your hand but when you see how small and light it is, you will start to appreciate it more. It has 1.4 inch display and pack 296 x 128 pixel resolution.

LG G Watch

2. LG G Watch – This was the first Android gear watch on sale and it works like a charm with Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets and phones. It has great battery life and supports Google Now notifications, email alerts and text alerts. The only gripe is its rubber strap that picks up dust quickly.

3. Samsung Gear Live – Gear Live packs a heart rate monitor and runs Android just like LG G watch. It packs 1.63 inch display with AMOLED technology and pack 320 x 320 resolution. Unlike most of the other smartwatches, it has built in wireless LAN as well. Folks at have the best selection of wearable and smartwatches which are surely worth looking at.

Samsung Gear Live

4. Moto 360 – It looks very business-like thanks to its stainless steel frame and leather band. It has battery of one day and looks very nice. Moto 360 comes with a Qi wireless charger that lets you charge it quickly.