Best way to convert Galaxy Tab videos to MOV

We love our Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets that can capable of playing many types of videos natively but some of us also use Apple laptops and iPhones. Those devices can only play MOV which is a video format made originally by Apple itself. The format was first used in the Apple Macintosh computers but now it is being used as standard video format in all devices by Cupertino giant. So which is the best way to convert Galaxy Tab videos to MOV?

The best and most easiest way is to get a copy of Movavi video converter. The application is available for both Windows and Macintosh devices. The Movavi video converter lets you convert any video file to MOV which is what is being used in iPhone and iPad. Movavi is the name behind many successful video conversion applications and their video converter is popular for being the best and fastest video converter.

Best way to convert Galaxy Tab videos to MOV

Converting a galaxy tab’s video file to MOV is very easy. Once you have downloaded and installed the application on your computer, fire up the application. Select the video files by clicking on the Add Video button. You can select more than one file here and the Movavi video converter will do the entire conversion. All of your converted files go to the default video folder. However you can tell it a custom destination field which can be used to store the files in your desired folder.

Once you specified all the aforementioned settings, it is now time to hit the Convert button. The entire conversion should take only a few minutes as the Movavi video converter makes use of special algorithms to do the entire conversion quicker and more effectively.

This Movavi application can also be used to extract audio files from a video and you can specify your desired audio format from the drop down menu.

Once the conversion process is over, you can either minimize or close the application. To copy it to your iPhone, simply fire up iTunes on your computer and drag the file on to the iPhone icon. Transfer may take few minutes if the converted file is too big. In case you are using a non-Apple product, connect it to the computer using a USB cable. Then copy and paste the video file in the appropriate folder of media device.

After that simply open the video application on your iPhone and start playing the video .