Iradish Y6 works with Android tablets

Iradish Y6 is a device that is not designed to amaze the Apple watch owners but it is for those who want a look-alike for cheap. It costs just 33 dollars and looks very attractive. Just like the Apple Watch, the Iradish Y6 comes in four colors which are gold, black, rose gold and silver.

Apple Watch clone

Compatible with all android phones, Iradish Y6 packs a SIM card slot that lets you do calling, hands free, phonebook, phone recorder and Bluetooth phone dialler. It supports GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz frequencies so it works with pretty much any GSM network. The screen measures 1.54 inches and it is a 2.5D radian HD full capacity touch screen. The casing is made of zinc alloy and the sweatband is made from hardening process.

Iradish Y6

The Iradish Y6 that is available at for $33 and has features that even the Apple Watch doesn’t have. For instance, there is removable battery and micro SD card slot support, both of which are lacking in Apple Watch. Second is presence of micro SIM support that lets you use it as independent phone.


There is a web browser that lets you surf the web from the phone itself. There is support for FM radio, calendar, alarm clock and voice recording. The Iradish Y6 smartwach’s software can perfectly read your phone’s contacts and messages so you can read them directly on the smart watch without taking the phone out of your pocket. The watch operates via Bluetooth.

If the phone is out of range, the watch alerts you and this way you will never leave the phone behind. There is 1.3 mega pixel camera on the Iradish Y6 that lets you take pictures on the move. These pictures are stored on the memory card. When an incoming clals comes in, you can answer it from the watch. You are alerted via a ringtone or vibration.