MiFione W15 is the cheapest smartwatch

MiFione W15 is a smartwatch for your Android phone or tablet. The best thing about it is its price which is $39.99 and for that money, you are getting a lot beside those good looks. The MiFione W15 packs a 2.5 D screen which same as the one that is being used in ‘much more expensive’ Apple Watch. It feels premium in hands, thanks to its stainless steel casing and decent quality band material. In fact, the band is made of one of the best plastic materials around.

cheapest smartwatch

Available in seven colors (black, blue, navy blue, brown , orange, purple and pink), the normal price of the MiFione W15 is $39.99 but if you order it today from gearbest.com, you will be able to get it for mere $16.99. It features anti allergy safe strap and it reduces the chances of getting an allergic reaction. It packs a voice recorder for recording audio. You can also use it as alarm clock and as stopwatch. You can learn more about MiFione W15 here.


It communicates with your phone over Bluetooth and sync your phonebook, messages and notifications. So if you get a message on your phone, the MiFione W15 will alert you about that and you will not have to take the phone out of your pocket. Battery life is about 208 hours while in standby mode which is much better than its rivals.


The watch has built in sensor where it will automatically display time when you raise hand to watch the time. This way, the user does not need to press a particular button just to see the time.

It is also compatible with iOS which means you can use it with your iPhone too. MiFione W15 measures 26 x 4.0 x 1.2 cm / 10.22 x 1.57 x 0.47 inches and weighs 41 grams.