Galaxy Tab P1000 firmwares, ROMs, updates and news.

Best KitKat firmware for Galaxy Tab P1000

Samsung supported the P1000, its first Android tablet for mere one year. It was released with Android 2.3 gingerbread operating system but was never upgraded to newer OS even though it was totally possible to do so.

Download clock work mod 11 for Tab P1000

While Samsung abandoned the development of its original Galaxy Tab P1000, folks at xda developers are still quite active and have been churning out amazing firmwares for it on a regular basis. Today clock work mod a

Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Hands on Review

Samsung introduced new version of P1000 Galaxy Tab called Galaxy tab 2 7.0 at the Mobile World congress 2012. Folks at engadget were able to get their hands on one of these units. Here is the video

Galaxy Tab P1000 bloatware removal

I am not a huge fan of Samsung apps on my Tab and would love to get rid of that bloatware. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of it is by flashing a new ROM. Features

CWM Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

To install ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) for Galaxy Tab P1000, follow these instructions: 1- Reboot your device in download mode (power button + volume down rocker)2- Open Odin. If you do not have it on your PC, get

Galaxy Tab P1000 Skype Video call Issue

Many Samsung Galaxy tab P1000 users are not able to get the video chat function on their tablet to work. Even the one available from the Google market does not work the way it should on the

Faster App Launcher for Galaxy Tab P1000

A Chinese developer has made a very beautiful and fast app launcher for the Galaxy Tab P1000 tablet. Earlier, the launcher was Chinese-only, but thanks to the community efforts, it has now been made available in English.

Galaxy Tab P1000: ROM without Touchwiz

Not a lot of people like Samsung’s custom user interface, which the company calls “TouchWiz”. This UI comes preinstalled on the Tab tablets and Samsung smartphones. Unfortunately, the company does not allows the user to turn it