Resize any photo for your Galaxy Tab

Resizing pictures on a tablet is not convenient. There are myriad restrictions such as processor power, memory, caching and of course, storage problem. That is why all of us prefer resizing pictures on computers because there, we have better processor and lots of storage. So how do you resize photos on a computer? There is no built in utility to do that but there are multiple third party apps that provide you this functionality. We prefer using Movavi Image Resizer and we will tell you why we use it on a daily basis.

resize any photos

Movavi applications have always been very easy to use and their new app, Image Resizer is no exception. It is very easy to use and packs bucketful of features that you will help you not only resize your photos but enhance them too. The Movavi image resizer lets you batch resize images meaning you will be able to work at many images at once. This same time and improves efficiency.

Using the application is very simple. Just import the files you want to batch resize and adjust the settings accordingly. You can also add entire folders too and all of its files will appear in the window for resize. After adding the files, you can shrink them or expand them as per your needs. All you need do is key in pixels or percentage. Another very useful feature is its ability batch rename image files. This is very useful as our cameras and phones gives our memories strange names and it can be very tiring to change the name on the camera or phones. No need to fret as Movavi image resizer has got you covered. Other parameters you can add or modify include date, time and custom counters.

So next time if you take several photos in wrong orientation, just fire up Movavi image resizer and you will be able to rotate and change the orientation as you require. The software comes with some amazing and very useful image editing tools as well allowing you to adjust brightness, white balance and contrast of the pictures. The best part is that you can change these parameters of all the images in one go – saving you a lot of time and improving efficiency.

resize any photos easily with Movavi Photo Batch

The Movavi image resizer works with any version of windows including the latest windows 10 operating system so supported list of OS include Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (256 MB RAM for Windows XP, 512 MB for Vista, 1 GB for Windows 7/8/10). You will need administrative privileges only during the installation and any user can use the app – with or without administrative privileges.