Top Business Apps for Your Smartphone

Just as any growing business needs their own app to promote their business, business owners use apps to increase productivity, improve communication with their clients, and manage operations. Apps from industry leaders have made entrepreneurs and businesses grow and meet new levels of success. In addition to having their own app for their business, leaders of commerce make good use of several apps on the market that have proven to be highly advantageous. This article will examine the best ones in relations to areas vital to business growth.


Document sharing and organization
Dropbox is your go-to app for these purposes. For starters it allows you to store all of your files and makes it easy to share them and drop them into other employee’s tasks. There is no limitation to file size. Dropbox acts like a cloud in that you can use it to backup your computer. For someone who travels a lot for business this app is not only practical, it offers peace of mind to those concerned about losing important data.

Twitter tools
Twitter is hot for business, and having some handy apps to heighten the Twitter experience proves helpful.
Bitly is a great app for posting links to Facebook and Twitter. It takes a URL and makes it shorter, thus giving the user more room to Tweet with the character limitations.

Another great app for working with Twitter is Tweetbot. This isn’t so much an app as it is a “Twitter secretary”. Some people aren’t too keen on Twitter’s native app, as they find it rather limiting. However, Tweetbot offers a well-crafted interface with custom sounds and animation that boasts multiple timelines. You can even create custom groups for those days when you only want to read tweets from co-workers. This app also allows one to store conversations at the touch of a tool bar that can be customized to work to your liking.

Reading documents from your smartphone can be challenging, but there’s an app for that. Instapaper is a “must have” app for grabbing content and re-formatting it for an easier reading experience. This works well for blogs, news articles, or documents formatted from a system that clashes with your device. The context is of e-reader quality, and will save your eyes a lot of work.

TextGrabber is another app that offers one simple function to save you lots of work. Gone are the days where you had to scan a document simply to capture a paragraph or two. TextGrabber allows you to snap a picture of any text with your smartphone’s camera and it is instantly transcribed into a digital format. You can even load the text to your Kindle or iPad reader. This app also works really well if you are researching in archives and need to capture a brief piece of information.

Traveling for business can pose certain headaches and offer inconveniences, but there is an app to help you along your journey.

FlightTrackPro keeps detailed information on all flights including arrival times, departure times, flight length, layovers, gate information and much more. You can even get data about individual flights such as statistics regarding time efficiency.

Backup and recovery software
For a business man who is always on the move, it is important to have a decent mobile recovery software so that in case of disaster, he is able to get the data back.

Get a boost
If you use apps in multiple aspects of your business but you haven’t used these, download them and try them out. In the meantime, think about having an app for your own business developed and how it may further help you in running your business and assisting your clients.