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Resize any photo for your Galaxy Tab

Resizing pictures on a tablet is not convenient. There are myriad restrictions such as processor power, memory, caching and of course, storage problem. That is why all of us prefer resizing pictures on computers because there, we

Zeblaze Crystal is smart Bluetooth watch

Zeblaze Crystal is a smartwatch for your android phone and tablet. It is made of very high quality materials and comes with oodles of important features and functions. It has a nice big display measuring 1.54 inches

MiFione W15 is the cheapest smartwatch

MiFione W15 is a smartwatch for your Android phone or tablet. The best thing about it is its price which is $39.99 and for that money, you are getting a lot beside those good looks. The MiFione

Iradish Y6 works with Android tablets

Iradish Y6 is a device that is not designed to amaze the Apple watch owners but it is for those who want a look-alike for cheap. It costs just 33 dollars and looks very attractive. Just like

Best Smartwatches and Wearables for Galaxy Tab

Wearables technology is a category of tech devices that is worn by consumers for tracking health and fitness related information. Smartwatches on the other hand are devices that offer capabilities similar to those of a smartphone. For

Oukitel A28 is perfect for your Galaxy

Oukitel A28 is a smart watch that is compatible with both iPhone and Galaxy phones. It comes equipped with a leather strap that looks stylish and elegant. The watch comes with 128MB of memory and 32 gigabytes